February 8th, 2006

jaejoong  by me

Reno/Kadaj walls and icons

Are you sick of me yet? LOL I've been posting a lot haven't I in the last four days? It's not normal being this productive.

Well, I wanted to make some more FFVII:Advent Children graphics so I opted for Reno and Kadaj this time. You know, actually, if you want any other character, let me know and I'll make it. I'm in a FFVII mood and I rarely take requests, so take advantage of that while you can, if you are so inclined.

I'm dedicating the Reno one to overshaded, because she said graphics with him are pratically non-existent and I like making people happy. ;) Hope you like it.

Behind the cut, you'll find 2 Reno and Kadaj wallpapers and 8 matching icons.

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