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Fanaccount: 102911 JYJ IN SPAIN (PART 2)

10-29-11 JYJ IN SPAIN
My own report of a dream I never thought would come true.

Quoting myself yet again:

When I write any kind of report, I tend to be a bit detailed and will most probably write about the most common and non-interesting little thing, so you are warned. You are at ease to skip it if you want.

My camera isn't high-tech, so, sorry to say, you won't find any amazing or great picture, not to mention the videos (gasp), the zoom in my camera is a joke. For real.

This will probably hold no more surprises since there were already many fanaccounts, but I hope you can enjoy this through my perspective. How thrilling, out of this world this experience was for me.

As I was running to my spot, I remember taking a quick glance of the whole place and there were these chairs in a relatively lower level that got me thinking. Were those the Super VIP and VIP seats? O_O They would have next to practically no visibility once the arena would be full.  I thank the Gods I did not get one. Later on, it was known they joined the ones in the pitt so they could enjoy the concert. Must have been a disappointment for them. Were I in their situation, it would have been for me.

 I was taken by surprise when, out of nowhere, there were screams. I think it gained intensity, because others just followed whoever had screamed first, because no one knew what was going on. I then realized someone had peeked through the curtains on stage and they had gone wild. This happened about 3 more times. lmao I'm not sure if it was them for real, but I'm much more inclined it was just some curious staff.

Like my friend, I kept inspecting my surroundings and noticed some reporters, photographers at the windows, @beyondmonica made her appearance as well. It was around this time, that everyone was startled once the image of the crowd was suddenly displayed on the big projector screen on stage. Talk about crazy! The banners, signs, flags, lightsticks, eveyrthing that people wanted to show were suddenly up in the air and the cheers would get louder once a section would be 'chosen' and shown on screen. Okay I just have to tell this bit, which won't be as hilarious as having seen it, but at some point this fanboy showed up from nowhere and in the middle of the crowd started acting like a fool. haha General laugh ensued, of course. I loved this one girl who had a FUCK SM sign. Spoke the mind of millions of fans! Thank you! XD

Speaking of fanboys, something I totally forgot mentioning before, there were quite a lot! It was really cool to see so many. XD It wasn't like they outdid the fangirls (mission impossible! haha) but it was rather interesting to realize boys admired JYJ as much as we did.

The crowd started chanting for them, JYJ! JYJ! JYJ! And I felt the same anxiety as before on Salon del Manga. I wanted to see them too badly again.

Everyone's hearts stopped when the screen on stage suddenly displayed Junsu's close up. And everyone realized it was In Heaven's MV.  It was with such a power  everyone sang the chorus, especially on the parts: Kajima, deo kajima! Geojitmal, da geojitmal! Neol saranghae, neol saranghae! Intense true fangirl screaming would ensue everytime Junsu would smile, look cool, adorable. I think the worst scream, which might have made everyone in Barcelona temporarily deaf, was when he saves Jihyo at the end and his duckbutt is filling up the huge screen. XDDDDD I admit to have joined. LOL There was a small general laugh about how silly it was to be screaming about a butt. But let's be honest, it's not like it's any butt. It's Kim Junsu's fine butt!

The boys soon came out on stage wearing that wonderful white outfit. White is not a color I love, but it looked really good on them. High pitched screams ensued, of course, crowd went wild and a few seconds later they assumed their position on stage, Empty sounded on the loudspeakers.

My entire focus, I'll be honest, was Jaejoong. When a person is biased, what can one do? Although I don't mind his hair down, I would have loved for him to have put his fringe up. I love that style so much. Omfg, when he would hold poses during the choreography I wanted to bite him. I have no idea why, he just does this weird things to me. But sometimes, he'd slightly disappear from my sight, to the right side of the stage, and I'd lose focus. And when I lost focus, I came upon hip-thrusting God Kim Junsu. Goodness gracious me. I cannot write down exactly what I felt right then, but watching those hips work live is a different story than watching it on vids. According to my friend, I was going totally crazy about it. I don't remember. »_» *cough*

 As soon as Empty finished, I was expecting another song, but instead two translators came on stage and they had a little talk segment. It was a total surprise. I had always wondered if they would have these moments in between performances, because if there was something I loved watching at their concerts were their ments. Jaejoong screamed into the microphone under an intense enthusiasm of the audience: "Hola, somos JYJ!" and finally I saw the three grinning, their faces lighting up with big smiles. It was boost of adrenaline for me, seeing them so happy. Junsu followed with his introduction in Spanish, he pronounced his name wrong. haha Jaejoong was next and I loled. "Hola, soy... *pauses* Jaejoong." haha Such a babo. He seemed a bit timid about speaking in another language. Then came the language expert Park Yoochun with a more complete intro: "Hola! Como estas? Soy Park Yoochun."  Junsu soon splurted out: "Encantado de veros." which made Yoochun and Jaejoong cringe and look the other way. BOYS! Stop being such a tease to Su. :P I agree with my friend, when she says he had quite a good pronunciation, better of all three.

Jaejoong took off his jacket and by then I'm noticing no one but him. That famous slim waist of his is a sight to see. I remember the look of sheer confusion and amusement of both Jaejoong and Yoochun shared when the translator was speaking and they couldn't understand what was driving all the fans mad. Well, it didn't have to be anything important. Anything you said or did drove us all mad, boys.´

Pierrot was next. Yoochun kicked it off with a powerful "EVERYBODY!!!!" contrasting with the soft introduction of the song. Quieter than Empty, it was the perfect oportunity to watch them as they perform. It was the first time that day I was able to listen to their vocals properly. As soon as Junsu sang the first verse, the dancers came on stage wearing this white mask and performing this really cool dance. I loved it, it suited the song so well. Here, my eyes were drawn to the three, impossible to focus on just one.

Ayy Girl. I'll admit that this song was never a favorite of mine, but it didn't mean I didn't listen to it from time to time. Seeing it performed live though, changed my opinion. I'd listen to it more often if everyday was a JYJ concert. One thing that caught, at least, me on surprise, was the fact they harmonized right at the beginning. And then, even if their harmonization was a bit muffled by screams, I realized how much I miss their accapellas. Their voices are amazing.

The three had a different vibe during this performance, they looked very smooth. I remember finding it amusing Yoochun was always jumping his mic from one hand to another and then squealing like a mad woman when he approached and his hand went to his crotch. O_O What the freck, Park Yoochun! It's only the begining of the concert, don't kill me yet! But of course, Junsu just couldn't stand still and those hips worked like nothing else during this performance torturing me for long.

Be My Girl. I love this song. Really love it. Especially when Jae sings it. But apparently I cheated on him during this performance. I can actually hear my friend going "Woman! You've been cheating on him for the past two songs!" LOL I love Jae! But...I was going absolutely insane! I wasn't prepared to be drawn to an evil sexy hip that would just not stop moving! Gah! I could have bruised my friend's shoulder of how much I hit it. It seems I kept calling for Junsu's name and entering a mindblowing neverending spazz about how that body of his moved. But...I don't remember any of this at all. »_» haha! I'm such a liar.

The remix started and it was time for the flashmob. Mission impossible. At least where I was standing. Everyone was too close together to even jump, dancing was even more difficult. But I loved that eventhough we couldn't move, we moved our arms and lightsticks following the choreography, giving our best! It was such a rush!!! The audience cooperating, the boys pushing for us, making us join on the fun! I remember I was losing my voice by then.

Even if my camera's battery was only half full, I just couldn't help myself from recording a tiny bit of the performance in order to retribute what Mei did for me, when she went to JYJ New Album Showcase 2010 in Malaysia and recorded this at that time and dedicated it to me.
Even if this is short and crappy, this is for you, jaemeijin! *hugs*

It was time for a pause. A making of video showed up on the screen while the boys rested and changed outfits backstage and then I realized how sweaty I was. With all the jumping, being squashed by all sides, I was a mess. Everytime the wind blew, it was really cold that night, it was rather relieving.

Yoochun's solo came next. I love you. And talk about sensual. That boy is the personification of smooth. First of all, goddamn sexy wearing black and his fringe up. There was a  lot of discussion about the choreography in Japan involving a bed, in the US the dancers rubbing their asses on his crotch, and, of them all, I enjoyed this performance the best. I always think the simpler, the sexiest. You don't have to complicate things. This choreo created more fire in my imagination than all the others, the chemistry with the female dancers was awesome. I especially loved him with the short blond haired one.

I wanted Still In Love. But Jaejoong sang I'll Protect You. It's not that I don't like the song, but I prefer the first one. It didn't stop me from entering another world as I was listening to him. For the whole performance I was in a daze. That voice of his. It's something unexplainable. Thoughts ran through my mind then, how indeed beautiful it was see this man sing, to listen to his powerful vocals. I was in ♥ right there. It had finished, but it felt like a dream still, and I remember my friend 'waking me up' telling me if I had seen he looked moved and seemed to have tears in his eyes as he stood for a while on stage after the song ended. He had such an intense gaze while he looked at us, truly grateful. It moved me. That's why I love you, Jae. Never stop being so kind-hearted!!

It was Junsu's turn. You're Beautiful. And I was so anxious for this. My dream, which I always thought to be impossible to come true, till that day, included listening to Junsu's voice live. Everytime I read a fanaccount, everyone would praise his vocals, how much it moved them, how much it made them dream and made them absolutely amazed how anyone could have such a beautiful voice. That nothing could be compared to listen to this man live.

And, just like that, as he initiated the first verse, I had goosebumps. I understood what everyone was trying to say on their fanaccounts, but words were not sufficient to express what it felt like. Perfect! Just bloody perfect. May he sing for many more years, I won't ever get enough of it. Ever. This song already held a lot of meaning to me, because of the drama this was the ost for, so this was just an amazing performance. One of my favorites. I will never forget it.

Another talk segment followed. Probably triguered by some fan showing her country's flag, Yoochun asked everyone who weren't from Spain to raise their hands. I waved my hand like crazy and suddenly we hear him go: "Me too!" LMAO So silly this man!

They talked about their dramas and musicals each one had individually done and the screaming was too intense. Some fans would try to calm others while schushing them, so the boys could speak at ease. They all seemed so immensely happy everytime we confirmed we saw their individual projects. I loved this ment, because I could watch Jae smile in various ways, including the famous hand-hidden smile. Kyaaa!

I understood when Junsu was speaking that he wanted to know if there were any fanboys in the audience later on. And that confirmed to be true when the translator said it. But there wasn't much of a reaction and Yoochun stepped in and went: "uno, dos, tres!" creating a complete hell of screaming. It was hilarious when all of a sudden he blurted out "cuatro!". LOL I love your humor, Park Yoochun. 

Then came to the part where they show off their Spanish skills. I tried my best to concentrate and listen, because there were quite a few screams still, Jaejoong didn't help when he jokingly went "Schhh" at us, LOL and suddenly I'm caught with a "Besame Mucho!" coming out from Yoochun's delicious lips. Omg. I DIED. And squealed like crazy when he ran out of the stage and Jaejoong followed him! Jaechun moment! haha And then that flirt returned and started singing the song. Just kills us already, Yoochun. Really. I joined the crowd shouting "Besame! Besame! Besame!" and to my surprise Jaejoong does the same looking at Yoochun! XD Sorry, but I just cannot help my Jaechun biased heart. :P

Jaejoong almost immediately blurted out "Te quiero" not as confidently as Yoochun, as if trying to confirm he had said it right. And upon seeing our out of this world, completely insane reaction, he just couldn't stop blurting out "Te quiero!" enthusiastic about the way we would scream everytime he said it. You're such an attention whore, Jae! haha And I love you for it! I screamed way too loud everytime he repeated it, I apologize for the person who was in front of me. I didn't mean to make you deaf. I really enjoyed the moment when we all in unisson shouted "Te quiero" and he bowed, laughing shyly. Saranghae!!

And just when I finished recording, that bastard of a flirt named Yoochun said into the microphone: "Jaejoong, besame, te quiero!" O_______O I felt my heart stop for a moment and then beating wild. GAWD, kill me already!! Why do you kill me slowly, Park Yoochun?! My Jaechun biased heart was in cloud number nine. I still to this day remember Jae's shocked and amused face when he realized what Chun had said. haha Both are plainly silly, that's why I love these two so much.

Trying to divert the attention from him, Yoochun cut off to Junsu who was sort of caught unattended. Poor boy. He hesitated a bit before saying "Os queremos!". Wah, Junsu! Who said you're bad at languages? Spanish is the language for you, drop Kenyan. haha I only screamed with all my might when he suddenly approached and, going from his left to his right, pointed to us and repeated "Os queremos!" KYAAAA! That gesture! The "Kimi Mo suki" oyaji gag! I could not believe he had done it right there. Omg, I always found it so adorable. XD We retributed and shouted "Os queremos" back and he thanked us in Spanish.

Chajatta was the next performance. Nothing to point out, they were awesome, the planned fanchants didn't work out perfectly but it wasn't too bad either. Special mention for Yoochun, who, at the end of the song, said something in Spanish. I only heard Komapta to be honest and my friend was the one to say he had said something in Spanish too. But neither of us could hear it, because fans started screaming before the end. Now I know it was "Komapta...por quedar a mi lado." (Thank you for staying by my side) That was sweet. :)

Another wardrobe change, some more time to rest followed for the boys and on screen the In Heaven and Get Out MVs making ofs were on. At this point, there's no need to really say, at every smile, every close up, every sexyness of any of the boys would be 'rewarded' with total true fangirl screams. I realized my throat hurt by then, but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold myself from singing along and screaming. XD

When they came back, they kicked off with I.D.S. This song has such a cool rythm, it's what always pulled me to listen to it. It's addictive. And in this, you could listen to the power of their vocals, especially Jaejoong's. His high notes were to die for! Be the One suddenly made its appearance, surprising us. And I was ecstatic. I ALWAYS listen to this song when I go to work everytime I need a boost of energy. And at that time it worked like a charm again. I was hyper following them on stage, singing along. The three seemed to dance vigorously, clearly giving all their best for us. Jaejoong was so at ease during these two songs, it was something memorable. I wanted to see his free spirit on stage and he showed it right there. ^^

A ballad followed and when I realized the first chords were of Fallen Leaves, I smiled. I love the intro of this so much.  I love this song, period. Jaejoong's voice joined the soft, dreamy melody and it was like I entered a fantasy world. Instinctively, I put my camera and my lightstick down, and, till the end, I did nothing but stare at them in wonder. I know I should have participated on the fanproject, but I was so drawn into this performance, drawn to them, I lost any contact with reality during the 3-4 minutes. I felt true joy as I inspected each of them closely and calmly. JYJ...truly Saranghae.

The boys left, once again, another vid was on screen and this time was really squealing worthy. It was a preview of the DVD that will come out in December. I so cannot wait to see them in their daily lives. Yoochun was such a DORK. Omg. haha! I seriously cannot wait for this.

They came back to what ended up being the best performance of the night, in my opinion. Mission was spectacular. I swear, it was hard not to go crazy during this. All was perfect. From the lasers to the intensity of their moves, they truly gave their 200% on this song and, if you can, do watch a fancam of this, because it's totally worth it. There was such a power immanating from the three, it was incredible to watch! This song rocks my world ever since it was released, live it was something out of this world. By the end, I'm focusing on Jae and I swear I could have died of an heart attack of how sexy he looked moving his body, the jacket slightly opened, revealing his naked chest, his sweaty hair waving from one side to another, his profile, his jawline...his everything. Oh gawd. I did not want this song to be over. Please. Go on forever and ever! I'm spazzing like crazy when the song came to an end, together with the crowd. It had been a fantastic performance!!!

The lights were out and the boys were too. I was wondering where they had gone to, when they had just came back, when Yoochun showed up on stage soon after. He looked out of breath, a bit sweaty. The two translators are there as well. Seconds pass and neither Jae or Junsu appear. Just as the curiosity was pilling up on us, Yoochun called for them, yet he remained alone on stage for a while more. Then I remember seeing the curtain move and Jaejoong coming back out with his jacket down his delicious naked shoulders I wanted to bite so much that instant!!! OMG. I screamed like a mad woman. He was clearly sweating a lot. My focus was only on him and I remember the fans asked him to remove his jacket in spanish, but he didn't understand at first. He then made a gesture of taking it off as if asking if that's what they wanted and when he realized that was it, he laughed. Kyaaa! He ended up not taking it off, aiiish. You're such a tease, Kim Jaejoong.

After a really short talk segment, can't even call it that, Jaejoong announced they would be singing the last song of the night. What? Noooo! How could have 2 hours passed by just like that?! Lightsticks were up in the air shaking and protests were loud and clear. "Andwe!" was the chant of the crowd, all of us in unisson just saying "No!", and the boys looked positively surprised we were speaking Korean. Jaejoong intervened and jokingly clarified that, eventhough they would love to sing more, they had no more songs. But... they did have! So the protests continued, we just couldn't let them go. They looked moved at how we didn't want them to leave just yet.

But we knew deep down, there was nothing one could do. And when In Heaven's melody started, we retributed with our best cheers, mixed with strength and passion. The fanchant/project was beautiful here. Kajima, deo Kajiima!! Geojitmal, da geojitmal!! Saranghae, neol saranghae!!  I almost had no voice, but I joined the crowd because they deserved it and so much more. It's hard to describe how happy I was, how proud I was, how incredibly thankful I felt.

An ear-aching screaming from the audience, when Jaejoong said thank you in both English and Spanish, marked the end of the concert. Lights were out but we weren't. :P How could we let them leave like that? We couldn't! We wanted more, and you, JYJ, were to blame. The cheers were so loud, the loudest of the night, impregnated with the force and passion the boys had infused in us.

JYJ! JYJ! Saranghae! Saranghae!! And within a few minutes, they reappeared on stage. They looked so casual with the white t-shirts (I wanted one! Why wasn't it sold at the merchandise stand?) saying European Tour, Spain - Berlin. They looked so approachable.

Get Out and Empty remix were the songs chosen for the encore and they were feeling completely at ease, enjoying their time with us. They interacted, they gave their best, they were amazing. Empty remix was especially crazy! It was so intense, they were probably so dead tired and still they never stopped jumping, never once they lacked when dancing, always pushing for us. It was powerful! Jae kept being on my side of the stage and he looked so attractive just like that, with a white shirt and some jeans. He was so into it, he got closer and with a foot on the loudspeakers, grooved to the music and omg, squeal! Why so perfect, babe. There was a moment where the dancers showed off their skills, it was pretty cool, and then came for Junsu's solo dance. If I thought I was at  the end of my limits and wouldn't produce any sound higher than a clock ticking, I was totally wrong. I screamed watching that boy show what he was so good at! So totally spazz and drool worthy, Kim Junsu!!! The perfect ending song of a spectacular concert.

Yoochun screamed with all his might: "Thank you, Spain!" Junsu thanked in Spanish: "Gracias!" and Jaejoong in Korean: "Kamsamnida!" They were so obviously sweaty and tired, they kept waving at us, saying "Annyeong!" and it was clear how grateful, how happy and fullfilled they felt. It must sound presumptious, but I'm proud of the way we behaved and did our best to show them we loved them. So, I like to think they were truly happy with us. They bowed at the end, together with the dancers, and just when these left, the boys stood on stage for just a tiny while more and I was smiling at Jae of how precious he was, continuing to wave and being the closest to the audience with an expression of gratittude. Yoochun screamed into the mic: "Thank you so much, Spain! We're gonna miss you!" and with that, the boys followed him backstage. And just like that, it was over.

Lights were out. And I didn't feel depressed. I didn't feel annoyed. There was no room for disappointment, no room for any negative feelings. I only felt this most incredible joy in my heart. THANK YOU SO MUCH, JYJ. There are just no words to explain how truly wonderful that night had been. I just wanted to give them a big hug and thanked them from the bottom of my heart. They didn't lack in anything, despite this being a very small concert with 3000 fans, when they're used to perform in front of 40.000. I saw no difference. You're amazing performers and truly deserve all the best in this business. May you never stop doing what you love. We'll always be there for you.

My friend and I left after a short while of clapping, because she was hoping they'd come out from the back entrance of the Poble. On the way there, I was still spazzing, visibly tired as I was, but still too hyper. We walked slowly, taking our time, there were quite a few people outside. Mostly, family, friends who had come to pick up the ones who were at the concert, the lines to the WC were somewhat long.

Turned out my friend wasn't wrong and after a while, we saw Jaejoong coming out from this white door, flipping his wet hair from a shower (kyaaaaaaa) and right after came Yoochun, wearing a beanie and headphones. I never caught a glimpse of Junsu. It was too fast, they got inside a grey van with tinted windows and we just saw it disappear up the street. There were only two handfuls of fans then and it was all quiet, we waved at them and we hope they saw it as they drove past by us.

On the way back, fullfilment was the feeling of the moment. We took our time to get to the hotel, because suddenly the night didn't seem as cold, and I was truly enjoying walking around on the streets under the dark sky. I kept singing to In Heaven, Kajima, deo Kajima, Geojitmal, da geojitmal, Saranghae, neol saranghae. That song and the fanchant had stuck with me. Other hundred fans walked with us in Plaza de España and it was wonderful to see some lightsticks were still on. I could listen to some spazzing, see some with huge smiles on their faces. And it was the realization that indeed that would be a day we would never forget.

Soon, my friend reminded me of Get Out, and suddenly as hyper as I was, I sang in the middle of the street just when we were getting to the hotel, Moduda Bye Bye, Barcelona! Moduda Bye Bye Barcelona! even doing the choreo. LOL It was our last night in the city and nothing seemed more appropriate then saying goodbye with a JYJ song.

Moduda Bye Bye Barcelona! Komapta...JYJ. Saranghae!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
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