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elrawien's Journal

15 March
about elrawien.
My name is Helena and I'm from Portugal. :) I'm sensitive, stubborn, a dreamer, creative, openminded, moody, lazy, reserved and have a good sense of humor. I'm easily amused. ;D My dreams consist on visiting Japan or/and South Korea and take a graphic design course one day.
My hobbies are internet, playing around in Paintshop Pro 7, draw, paint, watch movies, Asian dramas/movies/tv shows, write, read and photography.
elrawien's likes.
ASIAN MEN: Kim Jaejoong. Park Yoochun. Kim Junsu. Jung Yunho. Shim Changmin. Jung Yonghwa. Takizawa Hideaki. Oguri Shun.
ASIAN SHOWS: Family Outing. Infinity Challenge (Muhandojeon). X-MAN. Happy Together. 1N2D. Yashimamman (YSMM). ---» Basically anything with Yoo Jaesuk and Kang Ho Dong. I'm a big fan of them. :D
ASIAN DRAMAS/MOVIES:Nobuta Wo Produce. Stand Up!. The Snow Queen. Yukan Club. Kurosagi. Hana Yori Dango 1 & 2. Soulmate. Strawberry on the Shortcake. Hana Kimi (Japanese version). Boku dake no Madonna. Nana 1 & 2. Chichi no Umi-Boku no Sora. Once in a Summer. A Frozen Flower. Nappeun Namja (Bad Guy).
MANGA/ANIME: Viewfinder. Full Metal Panic: Fumoffu. Loveless. Yami No Matsuei. Junjou Karen. Asatte No Houkou. Kyou Kara Maou. Death Note. Cantarella. Ergo Proxy. Kaikan Phrase. Trinity Blood. Gakuen Heaven. Ouran High School Host Club. Nana. Hakuouki.
ACTORS: Christian Bale. Johnny Depp.
MOVIES: LotR (all three). Fight Club. The Machinist. Pirates of the Caribbean. Velvet Goldmine. The Dark Knight. Empire of the Sun. The Crow. Edward Scissorhands. Cinema Paradiso. Interview with the Vampire. Twelve Monkeys. FFVII: Advent Children. Equilibrium. And many more...
TV: House M.D. The Daily Show. Conan O'Brien. Futurama. The Simpsons.
MUSIC: 넬 (Nell). The Trax. DBSK. 메이트 (Mate). Jason Mraz. C.N.Blue. Snow Patrol. Jung Yeop. Bon Jovi. Park Hyo Shin. Coldplay. Etc...depends on my mood.
journal policies.
All of my graphics are posted in this journal. If you take something, do credit please, it's a matter of seconds.
I don't take requests. Most of the time, I have projects (layouts, walls, icons, etc) on my hands so I just don't have the time. Very occasionally though I don't mind taking requests, but I'll be sure to let you know that on an entry if it happens.
Friending Policy - If I don't know you, I won't add you back. It's nothing personal, I cannot keep up with my current friends list as it is. If you wish to add me to be updated about my graphics, then you're free to do so. And thank you in advance. :)
graphic resources
I've recently started making icon bases, lightstocks, etc. If you're interested in checking out my own resources, please go to my Tags section. You'll find them all there.
For resource credits, click here.
layout credits
Basic layout coding by EstiloAmor. Customization and header by me. Profile layout coding by Neke.